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• B.F.A. in Printmaking, CSU Long Beach (CSULB), Long Beach, CA, 2013-2016

• M.F.A. Concentration in Printmaking, the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, 2016-2018



2023       •Puertográfico, Lawful/Unlawful, San Juan, Puerto Rico

                                   -Curator: Clare Samani &  Carlie Salomons, Portfolio Directors

2022       •Atkinson Gallery, Evelyn Contreras and Tamar Halpern, Santa Barbara, CA

                                   -Curator: John Connelly, Atkinson Gallery Director

2021       •Angels Gates, Borderline, San Pedro, CA

                                   -Curator: Mahsa Farhadikia, Mandy Palasik, Brandi Sjostrom & Naomi Stewart

2020      •Rockport Center For The Arts, The Fragile, Rockport, TX (solo)

                                  - Curator: Elena Rodriguez, Curator of Exhibitions

                •Proyecto Galería Y Proyectos De Residencía, We Exist, Mexico City, Mexico

                                  -Curator: Micheal Swank, Director Proyectos De Residencia MX

2019       •Mexic- Arte Museum, Expresiones en Esculturas/ Expressions in Sculptures, Austin, TX,

                                   -Curator: Sylvia Orozco, Art Director

2018      •Women and their Work, Austin, TX, Red Dot

                                   -Curator: Rachel Stuckey, Gallery Director

                  •Visual Art Center, Affordable Dream House, Austin, TX

               •Mexic- Arte Museum, YLA 23: Beyond Walls, Between Gates, Under Bridges, Austin, TX

                                     -Curator: Gilberto Rocha, Invited Curator

              •Women and their Work, Art Bash, Austin, TX,

                                   -Curator: Diane Sikes, Program Director

2017      •Mezzanine Gallery, Austin, TX, Room Before, Visual Art Center 

                                    -Organized: Veronica Roberts, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Blanton Museum

2016      Center Space, Austin, TX, Alphabet Show, Visual Art Center 

                                  -Curator: Marta Lee, Artist 

               •Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Now Trending,  

                                  -Jurors: Bernard Leibov, Director of BoxoPROJECTS

               • Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, Long Beach, CA, Metastasis  (solo)*

2015      •President Jane Close Conoly Home, Long Beach, CA, Selected Works from the School of Art,

                                  -Jurors: Laurie Gatlin, Assistant Professor of Art Education, CSULB, Mike Whitlow, Professor of                                                  Graphic Design, CSULB, and Chris Miller Professor of Sculpture 4-D, CSULB 

               •Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, Long Beach, CA, Stoned, 

                                  -Curator: Jaycen MontRios, Artist 

               •University Art Museum, CSULB, Annual Student Exhibition, 

                                  -Printmaking Juror: Rick Reese, Professor at Saddleback College 

               •El Minia University, Cairo, Egypt, The 4th Student International Small Print Show, 

                                  -Jurors: Ahmed Nawar, Moderator of the Art Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, Egypt,                                              Ahmed Ragab Sakr, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University, Beth Grabowski, Chair,                                                    Department of Art, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Mr. Richard Noyce,                                                          Contributing Editor, Europe at Art Bahrain 

2014      •Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Art Alumni Invitational, 

                                  -Curator: Sarah Cunningham, Art Director 

               •University Art Museum, Long Beach, CA, Annual Student Exhibition, 

                                  -Printmaking Juror: John Greco, Founder of Josephine Press 

              •Dutzi Gallery, Long Beach, CA, INK 13: Fiction Non-Fiction 

                                  -Jurors: Ashley Sharpe & Brianna Lynch, Artist 

2013      •Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Student Exhibition, 

                                 -Juror: Jane Mulfinger, Chair, Department of Art, UC Santa Barbara 

              •Atkinson Annex, Santa Barbara, CA, Radiance

                                 -Juror: Emilia Dattilo, Artist 

2012      •ArtSpace, Santa Barbara, CA, Printmaking Club of SBCC, 

                                 -Curator: Ana Furgerace, Artist 

              •Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Student Exhibition, 

                                 -Curator: Colin Fraser Gray, Artist




California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita, CA, Director of Print and Media Lab, Faculty, 8/ 2022 - Present

University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, Adjunct in Intro to Print, 4/ 2022 - 6/2022

Raoul Textiles, Santa Barbara, CA, Print Consultants, 12/ 2018 - 7/2022


Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA, Adjunct in Print and Design, August 2019 - May 2020


Guest Artist in Print Program, Austin, TX, GAPP Print Coordinator, August 2017 - May 2018     


University of Texas at Austin, TX, Teaching Assistant, August 2016-Present     


Re: Surgo, Austin, TX, Assisting Printmaker, October 19th, 2016- October 26th, 2016


Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, Santa Barbara, CA, Visitors Services, May 2016- August 2016


 Josephine Press, Santa Monica, CA, Intern, November 2014- May 2016


Graphic Design Department School of Media Arts (SOMA), Santa Barbara, CA, Intern, January 2013-May 2013


Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Gallery Sitter, August 2012- May 2013


Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Intern, August 2011 - May 2012


Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, Shadow Show Performer for Christine Marie,

February 2nd, 2012


Daniel Dove Editions, SBCC, Lead Printmaker, September 2010-November 2010




2022        •“Silkscreen with Mix Media workshop,” Atkison Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA Oct 19th


2021        •“GIF Making Workshop,” Angels Gates, San Pedro, CA  Feb 27th.

                 •“Borderline Artist & Curator Talk”,  Presenters will include curators: Mahsa Farhadikia, Mandy Palasik,

                    Brandi Sjostrom, and Naomi Stewart. Borderline includes works by Michael Chang, Evelyn Contreras,

                    Christian Franzen, Julian Lombardi,Mandy Palasik, Allison Peck, Gazelle Samizay, Weng San Sit and Joshua                           Thomen, Angels Gates Culture Center, San Pedro, CA  Jan 22.

2020        •“Mix Media Resin Pour Workshop,” Rockport Center For The Arts, Rockport, TX  Nov 3-5

                   •“Artist Talk”, Rockport Center For The Arts, Rockport, TX  Oct 24th.


2018         •“Illuminated Pop Up Homes and LED Throwies” The Land of Light: Art, Science and Play, Evelyn Contreras, 

                  Santa Paula Art Museum,  Santa Paula, CA,  Oct 6.


                 •“PRINT/TECH” Future Faculty Career Exploration Program, Evelyn Contreras, Rochester Institute of     

                  Technology,  Rochester, NY,  Sep 28.


                 •“Family Circuting and 3-D Cards” Family Day Workshop, Evelyn Contreras, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX,                        June 24.


                  •“YLA Curator’s Tour and Artists Talk” YLA 23: Beyond Walls, Between Gates, Under Bridges, Rocha-Rochelli,                       Lisette Chavez, Evelyn Contreras, Adrian Delgado, Raul Gonzalez, Alejandro Macias, Juan Mora, Andrew                                 Ordonez, Natalia Rocafuerte, Abel Saucedo, Ana Treviño, and Jose Villanueva, Mexic-Arte Museum,  Austin,                           TX,  June 16


                 •“CIRCUIT_FLO_ID_SYSTEM: HOW_ART_HACKS_THRU_BINDS” Making Art Shaping Society, Hiba Ali                         and Evelyn Contreras, Feminist Action Project and Queer and Trans Studen Alliance, Austin, TX,  March 29.


                 •“WOC in the Arts” Academic Health, Presenters will include Omiseeke Tinsley, Indrani 

                   Chatterjee, Simone Browne, Natassja Gunasena, Evelyn Contreras, BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of                                 Color) Week, Austin, TX,  March 19.


                 •“PRINT/TECH” Print and Technology, Presenters will include Evelyn Contreras and Hiba Ali, 

                   Women & Their Work, Austin, TX,  February 10.


                •“Evelyn Contreras (My Practice)” Print Futures, Presenters will include Dr. Paul Laidler, Professor Lari Gibbons,                     Professor R. Eric McMaster, and Evelyn Contreras. The panel will be moderated by   Professor Jason Urban,                             PrintAustin, Austin, TX, January 28.





2018       Mexic-Arte Museum

2016       Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art

2015       El Minia University

2012       Santa Barbara City College Art Collection




2022      •Todd, Ella. "Alumna Evelyn Contreras presents her art at Atkinson Gallery exhibit" The Channels, Oct 24, 2022, 

                      "                                      gallery-exhibit/#

                • Woodard, Josef. "Dimensional Notions and Motions at Santa Barbara City College Gallery" The Independent,

                     Oct 5, 2022,                       city-college-gallery/

                •Todd, Ella. "Atkinson Gallery features artwork exhibition made by 2 SBCC alumni" The Channels, Sept 26, 2022, 

                      "                                  sbcc-alumni/"

2020      • Jacoby, Stewart. Interview with Evelyn Contreras. Community Arts Calendar, KEDT - NPR Nov 10


                •“Evelyn Contreras: The Fragile,” Glasstire, Oct 20

                •Diafano Magazine, Vol.3 Iss.4, May 31

2018       •Ali, Hiba. “Beyond, Between, And Under The Border Navigating The Carceral State” THE SEEN | Chicago’s         

                International Journal of Contemporary & Modern Art .Issue 07 (2018) EXPO CHICAGO. Web.

                     30 September 2018.

                •Andrea Hyland, “Beyond the Bio: Evelyn Contreras,” Art Alliance Austin, Jul 3, 2018, 


                •“Young artists explore what’s beyond walls in popular Mexic-Arte exhibit,” MyStatesman, June 29, 2018

                •Print Austin, Cover,  vol. 5, 2018

                • Lindsey Reynolds, “Dreaming of Our Abuelitos: “YLA 23” at Mexic-Arte Museum Explores Border                        

                     Identity,” SightLine, August 17 2018,   


2014       •“Artistic Echoes in Hallowed Halls,” Santa Barbara News-Press, Scene Magazine, pp 42-43,

                     November 20th, 2014


2012       •“SBCC Annual Student Show,” Santa Barbara News-Press, Scene Magazine, pp. 36-37, May 17, 2012




2021       NALAC Actos de Confianza

2018       Dedalus Foundation Nomination

2017       International Education Fee Scholarship

                The Mort Baranoff Endowed Scholarship

                Diversity Cont. Fellowship

                Learning Tuscany Fellowship

2016       Diversity Fellowship

                Materials Library Grant

2015       Los Angeles Printmaking Society

                Eichholz Foundation Arts

                Dramatic Allied Arts Guild

2014       Eichholz Foundation Arts

                Los Angeles Printmaking Society

2013       Eichholz Foundation Arts

                Cross Discipline Jacobson Creative Spirits

                Santa Barbara Art Association

2012       Santa Barbara Art Association





2020      Rockport Art Center Residency, Rockport Center For The Arts, Rockport TX

                Forum, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA

                The Virtual Artists’ Residency, PRMX, Online and Mexico City, Mexico

2018       Changarrito Art Residency, Mexic- Arte Museum, Austin TX





• Printmaking-Silkscreening, etching, relief, monotype, photo process.

• 3-D Simplify, 3-D Scanning, TinkerCAD, Maya, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ArtBase

• Bilingual-Spanish/English




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